Stone Work

Stone Work, Repairs and Restoration

At Structures Holdings Limited we have a team of professionals with over 25 Years Stone Masonry and Stone Restoration expertise, we cater to both commercial and private clients.

We have a Craftsmen skilled in all areas of masonry, including Banker Masons, Stone cutters, Machinists, Fixers, Wallers, Setter outs and Draughtsmen.

We always try to use the original or reclaimed stone in our masonry building projects, and aim to source stone from suppliers and quarries local to your area, if required.

Stone Restoration

Combining expert training with years of experience, we offer a range of specialist stone and brickwork restoration services tailored to individual requirements.

We will replace any perished stone with stone that complements the existing structure in terms of colour and style and we can also supply and fix match new stone work.

We will rebuild damaged or crumbling masonry using traditional methods. We will use steel pins anchored in place and new pieces cut and shaped to match, where whole stone or carving sections need to replaced. 

Stone Repairs

Pollution, poor maintenance and inadequate detailing can all damage historic stonework.

Each stone repair project needs to be individually evaluated, as each repair has its own problems. Our expert craftsmen are qualified to repair all forms of stonework, brickwork and terracotta to the clients exact requirements.

We will use specialist mortars (including lime or historic mortars) to re-point and repair existing masonry.

Stone Fixing

Our stone fixers are highly skilled and are experienced in all types of cladding systems, standard restraints and supports.  Due to our knowledge and experience we can assist in determining the most suitable and cost effective way of fixing stonework

Stone Features

We have a proven ability in a broad range of stone masonry feature projects, including the replacement and repair of natural stone or concrete features such as window reveals, cornices, moulded/carved features, using stone restoration mortars and stone colour intensifiers.